Debt Reduction Software

If you are having trouble getting out of debt and don't want to use one of the many expensive debt reduction companies, you might want to try debt reduction software instead.

You will find two types of debt reduction software - server based and desk-top based. The server based software is a programs situated on a server somewhere. You typically access this type of software with a web browser. The drawback is that you can only access it if you have a connection to the Internet. A second drawback is that you are trusting a third party with control over your financial data. The advantage of server based software is that you can access it anywhere from any machine that is hooked up to the Internet.

The second type of debt reduction software runs on the desktop. The disadvantage of this type of software is that you usually have to install it. A second disadvantage is that you can usually only use it on the machine on which you have installed it. The advantage is that you have complete control over your data with no third party peeking over your shoulders.

Debt reduction software will walk you step by step through the actions needed to begin your debt reduction process. Programs of this type will typically have built in calculators to compute many types of financial transactions. For example they will be able to build a custom repayment and budgeting plan for your household. It will tell you which payments are most advantageous to pay and when to pay them. It will show you how long it will take to pay off certain debts. And it will keep historical records of all your payments. Some will even have custom word processors and letter templates to send to creditor when seeking loan modifications, debt settlement, and other actions.

Some versions of debt reduction software are really downsized versions of the same programs used by professional debt managers, credit counselors, and banks.

The huge advantage of all of these debt reduction programs is that for a one time payment for the software you will save possibly thousands of dollars that you might otherwise pay in fees to debt reduction companies that are using similar software that you now have access to.

The key to software of this type being effective, however, is your willingness to use it. If you simply let it sit on your computer and never use it, it will do you no good at all.

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